November 2012

Eileen Klein exit interview

Eileen Klein, Chief of Staff for Governor Jan Brewer until last week, talks about the administration's efforts to get Arizona out of its fiscal hole and the role she played. Klein also explained the challenges and rewards of working with stakeholders who have dramatically different opinions on the state's direction. And early next year, Klein will take over as President of the Arizona Board of Regents--the panel that oversees the state's public university system.

Tiara Vian

Tiara Vian is a Production Assistant for the KJZZ news team, producing station promotional pieces and helping draft new ideas for future promos. She’s also helping the team expand its music library with clever drive time grooves to play under and in between program segments.

Tiara has hands-on experience in audio editing, producing, board operating, call screening and voice work—most recently as a producer and call screener for KQTH News/Talk radio in Tucson.