March 2012

Have you seen SB 1070 drive people out of Arizona?

When state lawmakers passed the tough bill known as SB 1070, they were clear that part of the aim was to make Arizona inhospitable for people in the U.S. illegally.

The 2012 presidential election has brought the issue of "self-deportation" to the forefront. Republican candidates have advocated for immigration policy that would make life difficult for undocumented immigrants.

We'd like to hear from you. Have you seen SB 1070 drive people out of Arizona? Do you agree with the concept of self-deportation?

How the $25 billion settlement with lenders helps Arizona homeowners

Arizonans who lost their homes to foreclosure, are at risk of foreclosure, or are now underwater on their loans stand to benefit most from a recent $25 billion dollar settlement with the nation’s largest lenders. To find out what kind of help is available and who qualifies we talked to Caryn Becker, policy counsel for the Center for Responsible Lending, a nonprofit research and policy organization.

Record number of users overload Arizona's 511 system

Many people who tried to use Arizona’s 511 system this past weekend couldn’t get the latest road conditions because the phone number and website were at full capacity.  As KJZZ’s Paul Atkinson reports from Phoenix, the system experienced record numbers of users.

By calling 511 or going to, motorists can get the latest information on roadway conditions, road closures, and weather.  The Arizona Department of Transportation says the line usually gets about 1,200 calls a day.