November 2011

Arizona's Political Climate

Fill-in host Mark Brodie talks to Senator Steve Pierce about the controversy surrounding the redistricting commission in Arizona. Dennis Welch, managing editor of Arizona, and Chris Herstam, head of government relations for Lewis and Roca, also weigh in on the vote to remove the chairwoman of the independent redistricting commission. Jim Huntwork, attorney and former redistricting commission member, also talks about maps drawn up by the current independent redistricting commission and their legitimacy.

A Sporting Chance

Mark Brodie fills in for Steve Goldstein and talks to Jim Rounds, senior economist and with Elliot D Pollack and Company, and Bob Young, columnist with the Arizona Republic, about the state of pro sports in Arizona. They take a look at the impact of the lockout on Arizona's economy...and the positive impact of hosting the Superbowl in 2015.