October 2011

Glendale Couple Struggles After Losing State Medicaid Insurance

Arizona lawmakers approved phasing out a Medicaid program for 6.000 Arizonans with serious medical conditions.  Bill and June Nelson were hoping to survive six months until they could enroll in a new federal insurance program.  KJZZ’s Paul Atkinson first brought us their story in July.  But as he reports now, almost three months after losing their Medicaid coverage, the Nelson's worst fears have been realized.

Campaigning in the Southwest

Las Vegas Review columnist Steve Sebelius and Arizona Republic reporter Dan Nowicki give insight about the important role the Southwest plays in the presidential primaries. Staying in or dropping out...the Southwest paves the way for early campaigning in the race for President of the United States.

Fall Pledge Drive

Once again YOU - KJZZ's amazing listeners came through raising a total of $509,060 including successful challenges and member matching funds in support of YOUR Public Radio Station KJZZ.

A total of 12,124 listeners entered the contests, of that number, 5760 pledged and KJZZ added a total of 2594 new members to the KJZZ family.

AZ: In the Money?

Arizona is bringing in more money than expected.  August revenues were around eight and a half percent higher than the same month last year.  And, so far this fiscal year, the state has collected one and a half billion dollars more than it did last year.  So…the obvious question is…what should the state do with that cash?