July 2011

School administor enters recall election of Senator Pearce

A challenger in the recall election of senator Russell Pearce promises to run a clean campaign. Jerry Lewis formally announced his candidacy to a crowd of family and friends in Mesa this morning. But as KJZZ’s Paul Atkinson reports, he faces a difficult task in unseating the Senate President.

54-year old Jerry Lewis touts his background as an accountant and charter school administrator as giving him the experience needed at the state capitol. Lewis pledges to restore a style of leadership that Mesa can be proud of.

Pearce recall election evokes strong reaction from constituents

Voters in northwest Mesa will be asked to cast ballots in the state’s first legislative recall election this November. So far, the only name on the ballot is the target of the recall: Senate President Russell Pearce. As KJZZ’s Paul Atkinson reports, voters there have strong opinions about the man behind SB1070, the state’s controversial immigration law.