When we think about family caregivers, we often think about people who are actively providing care. But what is life like for those caregivers when their loved one passes away or is placed in a memory care facility?
Learning About 'Ambiguous Loss' Helps Some Caregivers Cope With Grief
3 hours ago
We’ve all done it. Driving in circles over and over to find the perfect parking spot. Sometimes it seems like there aren’t enough spaces to go around. But it turns out a full 10 percent of the city of Phoenix is just parking lots.
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Sonoran AG: Journalist’s Work Not At Play In Murder
State authorities say that the reporting of a Sonoran journalist was not at play in his murder last week. Without going into detail, they are saying that the motive had to do with personal relationships, not Barroso’s work as a radio host and columnist.
16 minutes ago
BLM Finalizes Impact Study On Proposed Goodyear Road To Mobile
The city proposed a two-lane parkway connecting the community of Mobile to the rest of Goodyear, which annexed the area in 2007.
12 minutes ago
Last Grants To Preserve Route 66
Just a few weeks remain of a federal program that’s helped restore the historic Route 66 in eight states including Arizona.
19 minutes ago
Navajo Gives Up Navajo Generating Station Bid
The Navajo Nation announced Friday it has given up trying to purchase the west’s largest coal-fired power plant and the tribe’s biggest revenue maker.
22 minutes ago
Garth Brooks Concert Bringing Visitors To Glendale
Between a country music concert, tailgate, Cirque de Soleli shows and spring training, traffic is expected to be heavy with over 100,000 expected visitors in the Glendale area on Saturday.
2 hours ago

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A new report says students who received media literacy training were 18 percent better at identifying false reports than students without the lessons. Girls gained more knowledge than boys.
Special counsel Robert Mueller has completed his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. It is unclear how much of the report will become public.
Special counsel Robert Mueller has been working for nearly two years to uncover how Russia attacked the 2016 presidential election and whether anyone in the U.S. was involved.
Polls suggest that's what the majority of the public wants. It's become a hot issue for Democratic presidential candidates. But experts say inertia is likely to win out.
The event is touted as a way to connect to past traditions in Kyrgyzstan — and perhaps boost the tourism industry.