More than 6,000 active duty personnel and veterans committed suicide in 2018 — leaving behind close to a million survivors. This organization works to help the survivors deal with the trauma and absence.
Fall is when people come to Arizona in large numbers. Historically, the so-called snowbirds stay through spring and then leave, but increasingly this population is choosing to stay year round. Maricopa County remains the fastest growing county in the country — and its growth is taxing resources in the state that cannot expand fast enough to keep up.
How Technology Is Changing The Housing Market In Arizona


Mexican President Cautions Against Politicizing USMCA Trade Deal
Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador wrote a letter to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asking for a prompt approval of the USMCA
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Climate change has been called the new normal. But residents in some parts of the Southwest say after living through the last two years, there’s nothing normal about it.
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Remains Of Mars Salty Lakes Reveal Ancient Drying Out Period
As NASA's Curiosity rover trundles up the central mound of Mars's Gale Crater, it investigates younger and younger deposits — including geologic evidence of a wet ancient environment drying out.
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Phoenix Police Spend Thousands Of Hours On False Alarms
When alarms go off accidentally at homes and businesses, it can be annoying. But, it can be costly, too.
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How To Address Arizona’s Physician Shortage
The Association of American Medical Colleges predicts by 2030, the country will face a shortage up to 104,900 physicians. In Arizona, experts project we’ll be short 2,000.
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How Bolivia's Evo Morales Could Win A 4th Term As President
He's already the country's longest-serving leader — almost 14 years in office. His party controls all government branches and much of the national media. Now he's poised to win a new term on Oct. 20.
Cory Booker Asked About Struggles With Black Voters: 'Let My Work Speak For Me'
The New Jersey senator sat down for NPR's interview series Off Script and was asked by an undecided voter why some residents in his hometown of Newark don't see him as "the voice" of black youth.
Freshman Democrats are taking on a political risk in supporting an impeachment inquiry of President Trump. They say it's worth it.
The U.S. is preparing to evacuate its anti-ISIS forces from northeast Syria as a Turkish offensive into the region has endangered U.S. troops. Kurds say Syrian troops will fill the void.
Syria's army is moving into northern Syria to repel a Turkish incursion as U.S. troops prepare to withdraw. Fiona Hill, the Trump administration's former top aide on Russia, testifies on Ukraine.